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Gemstones and Healing Properties

When customizing your bracelet please see a list of semi-precious gemstones and their properties. Did you know that semi-precious gemstones have grounding and healing properties? Please check them out to pick one that 'speaks' to you or your loved one!



Hand carved OM Aum/Yoga/Buddha bead on Black Onyx or Clear Quartz.  Used as center bead.  12mm in size.



Hand carved Dragon onto Amethyst, used as center bead.  12mm in size.


Bridal beads

Assortment of Czech crystals used on bridal collection or any custom bracelets.  12mm and 10mm avaliable.


·         Agate (onyx/agate) - Grounding, Nourishment, Stability, Strength

·         Amethyst - Protection, Cleansing, Intuition, Calming

·         Aquamarine - Peace, Communication, Empowerment, Clarity

·         Carnelian - Vitality, Confidence, Sexuality, Energy stabilizer

·         Emerald - Love, Compassion, Abundance

·         Golden Obsidian - Purification, Manifesting, Willpower

·         Hematite - Grounding, Clarity, Manifestation

·         Jade - Abundance, Nature, Energy, Well-being

·         Lapis Lazuli - Vision, Truth, Awareness

·         Moonstone - Intuition, Inner work, Patience

·         Obsidian - Protection, Purification, Grounding

·         Opal - Releasing attachments, Emotional amplification

·         Pearl - Self-care, Nurturing, Emotional healing

·         Quartz (Clear/Frosted) - Manifesting, Amplifying other stones, Power, Clarity

·         Rose Quartz - Love, Trust, Emotional Healing

·         Rutil Quartz - Energy, Attunement, Awareness, Manifestation

·         Smoky Quartz - Grounding, Clearing practical action

·         Tiger eye - Balancing, Grounding, Discernment

·         Watermelon Tourmaline - Attract Love, Harmonize, Balancing